Outdoor Photos for You   

Welcome to Outdoor Photos for You. Photographer Jim Garvey spends countless hours in the woods, on the waters and in the wilderness of Wisconsin pursuing just the right photograph for you. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Jim lives a short distance from the "Great Outdoors". Jim spends much of his time outdoors capturing up- close, personal and unique photographs of nature. Jim has captured some of the most serene moments nature has to offer. His unique and expressive way of preserving a moment for a lifetime has touched the hearts of many.

Jim Garvey's nature photography combines scenic outdoor photography with captivating wildlife moments that draw you into the world around him. These evocative images can be purchased to be used as Canvas Décor, unique gifts as well as fine art pieces, in a web publication or printed piece. Jim's photographs have appeared in several Newspapers, Sales and Marketing publications as well as outdoor sports event programs.

"My reward is sharing my outdoor experience with you."

If you don't see what you need or have a special request, Jim will do his best to capture what you're looking for.

Please check back regularly, as the photo gallery at Outdoor Photos for You is a growing collection and routinely features new images.

Photos are available in 300 dpi resolution and downloads are $15.00 for 11x14 and smaller, and $25 for 16x20 and Larger. See instructions on how to order images from Outdoor Photos for You. Images may be altered when cropped.